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A craft at the heart of the olive groves

Located just 30km from our shop in Katakolo, Aristoteles and his crew are based in a workshop that is surrounded by extensive olive groves. Time, tradition, craftmanship and a little clever machinery go into the process of creating each and every finished product.

At Aristoteles Olivewood, we ensure that the natural wood is maintained and cared for throughout the entire crafting process to produce a stunning and long-lasting product. 

To start with, the wood is collected and then each piece is hand-picked for its grain and look. Many years of experience in choosing the right wood, overseen by Aristoteles himself,  means that all of our items are beautifully finished.

The olivewood is then worked on and dried repeatedly, sometimes over many months, so as to produce a slow and natural seasoning process, which ensures a very high quality of wood in the finished product. We do use machinery to aid the woodturning process, although even this has been custom-made to suit our specialised products.

Now, why not take a look at the range of traditionally created and beautifully finished products in our on-line store?