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Visit a secret gem of a shop

When people discover a great shop, they tell others about it. We are fortunate to be the owners of one such shop, our Aristoteles Olivewood store in Ilias, Greece. Many people have described our shop as a “treasure trove” and a “secret gem” and we believe that our range of home-crafted products have given rise to the kind of place that people call a “must-visit” destination. Since 2005, our shop has been located in the popular tourist fishing village of Katakolo – and we have been delighted by the numbers of customers who come through our doors.

Our shop is run by the son of the founder of Aristoteles Olivewood, Yianni, alongside his English wife Diana. Their enthusiasm, friendliness and knowledge of all the products is clear to see when you visit Aristoteles Olivewood. The shop also benefits from a staff who are multilingual and fully trained to know about the products they are selling.

We would love you to visit us in Katakolo, where you will be delighted by the wide range of products that we sell including kitchen utensils, such as salad servers, spatulas and wooden spoons, and tableware, such as cruet sets and peppermills.

We also sell many olivewood decorative items, as well as our jewellery collection, comprising more than 100 different necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, hair clips and, of course, olivewood worry beads.

Another very popular line is our Christmas collection, which is available all year round, and includes, among many others, olivewood Christmas nativity scenes (available in more than 10 sizes and styles) and 50 different Christmas tree decorations.

If you can, please do visit us at Aristoteles Olivewood in Katakolo – or browse our on-line store.