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How to take care of olivewood

Caring for your olivewood is of great importance to ensure that you have many years of use and enjoyment of your products. With a few simple tricks your olivewood will always look its best.

To clean or wash your olivewood products do so only by hand and with warm water and soap. Never submerge in water and do not put items in the dishwasher. After drying naturally the wood may look dull and a little like it is losing its grain but this can be corrected with simple olive oil. 

Olive oil rubbed gently over the wood will bring the grain and the wood back to life. The olivewood should be oiled frequently, ideally after every wash, to keep it properly nourished. 

Olivewood kitchen products

When finishing our olivewood kitchen items, we treat them with a homemade natural beeswax/olive oil solution. This is 100% chemical free and food safe. The olive oil nourishes the wood while the beeswax creates a seal to protect and revitalise the surface. (You should be aware that many beeswax solutions for wood contain turpentine, which is not a food-friendly substance, but we ensure that ours is turpentine-free.) 

Olivewood decorative products

Our decorative items that do not come into contact with food may have been varnished. To care for these, simply wipe them down with a clean, damp cloth.