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Fascinating facts about olivewood


As a small, family-run Greek business we pride ourselves on selling quality, handcrafted items, promoting our Greek culture and respecting the environment by manufacturing products from natural resources.      

 1) Olivewood is a hard and non-porous wood that is ideal for products such as chopping boards and
       kitchen items. It will not absorb flavours, odours or bacteria and it does not stain.
 2)  Few woods are able to offer such a vivid grain with such unique character.
 3)  The darkness of the grain of the wood denotes the woods age. The darker the grain,
       the older the wood.
 4)  The pattern and complexity of the olivewood grain denotes from where on the tree
       the particular item comes from.
 5)  Large pieces of olivewood are rarely found due to the gnarly way the trees grow and because they 
      split and twist with age.
6)  Olive trees in Greece are considered sacred and very rarely felled.
7)  The thickness of the tree trunk denotes the age of the tree. Olive trees can live for up to
      5000 years and grow up to six meters in circumference.
8)  Every olive tree you see in Greece is owned by someone, providing the owner with olive
      oil and an income.
9)  The olive branch often held by a dove is a symbol of peace.
10)  All of our olivewood is crafted locally in our workshop.
11)  Our wood is seasoned for 3 to 5 years so as to dry it completely.
13)  Each piece of wood is carefully selected and hand-picked to create the exact end product. 
 14)  All kitchen and food related products are food safe. They are treated with our own special blend of olive oil and natural bees wax.
15)  The best way to care for your olivewood is simply with olive oil.
16)  Do not put olivewood products in the dishwasher. Wash them by hand and let them dry naturally.
17)  Wipe over your olivewood with olive oil. This will nourish the wood, bringing out the
         beauty of the grain, while adding luster to your olivewood.
18)  We are not only a retailer. We also wholesale our products throughout Greece. Ask us to find out            more.