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Please check out our FAQs. For any matter that is not covered by our FAQs, do not hesitate to contact us directly by going into Contact us page and submitting your questions to us.

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How can I pay?
We accept all major credit cards ( VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS). Also, we offer PayPal payments. You will be given the option to choose which method you prefer at the checkout stage.
Website contact details?
Aristoteles Olivewood Workshop
Katakolo, 27067

Tel: (0030) 26210 42168
Cell: (0030) 6944 937790

If I place an order how long will it be before I receive it?
Orders sent with in Europe should take approximately 10 days. The rest of the world between two and three weeks.

How is the shipping cost calculated?
The shipping cost is calculated by weight and destination address and is given on the total order at checkout.

Is the olivewood handmade?
All our items are handmade on custom made machinery.
Where does the wood come from?
The branches of the trees are cut back every year to produce more fruit the following year. The trunk of the tree will get cut into when the tree no longer produces olives (this can be several thousand years).
Who makes all of your Olive wood items?
Our Olive wood is made by Aristoteles himself. With the business being run by his son Yanni and Yanni's wife Diana.

How do I wash the olive wood I use with food?
Never put Olive wood in the dishwasher, instead hand wash with warm water and soap.

How do I care for the olive wood?
Olive wood will need regular oiling with olive oil or any other food safe oil.
How often does the Olive wood needs to be oiled?
The washing process may dry the wood so you should always oil the wood after washing it.
I live in a dry climate. Will this affect the wood?
All of our olive wood has been through a long seasoning/drying process. However we do recommend that you oil the wood more often in a dry climate.
Is the olive wood heat resistant?
Olive wood is a very dense hard wood,  therefore having a very high heat resistance.

Can olive wood contain water e.g. vases, jugs etc?
Yes, once again the density of this hardwood is ideal to contain liquids.
Can I use mineral oil on the wood?
Yes, however we recommend olive oil as it is edible, contains no chemicals and tastes a lot better.

Does Olive wood stain?
No, being such a dense and non-porous wood, it is ideal in the kitchen.