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A family-run business

Aristoteles Olivewood is a Greek family business. It has grown from a small one-man wood-turning enterprise to become a specialised olivewood articles manufacturing business that sells products worldwide.

The business comprises a workshop, set amid a remote olive grove, a shop and an on-line retail outlet.

For many people, the first port of call for Aristoteles Olivewood is our shop, which opened in 1995 and since 2004 has established itself in the small fishing village of Katakolo, Greece. Katakolo is a popular port in western Ilias and a stop off point for cruise liners when visiting the archaeological site of Olympia, Greece.

These days, many more customers also find us on-line and we are fortunate to be able to offer delivery of our olivewood products all over the world.

Run by the son of Aristoteles, Yanni, and his English wife Diana, Aristoteles Olivewood continues to flourish in the 21st century, yet the company has never lost sights of its origins.

At the heart of the business is true craftsmanship and a devotion to the exquisite olivewood. Yanni and Diana are committed to keeping alive the rare craft of quality olivewood workmanship yet still run a contemporary international business.

Quality of products, respect for the environment and a friendly and efficient customer service mean that new customers are always delighted by Aristoteles Olivewood and many more customers return time and again to buy items for their home and gifts for others.